Mountains of Butchered Bodies

by Homicidal Raptus

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SIX tracks of merciless brutality: sickness, madness, deformity and a lot of gore in a modern key with some -just a few- good old fashioned 90's death metal atmospheres.
ITDM a.d. 2014.


released June 1, 2014

An immense thanks to Alberto Destasio for everything that concernes recording, mixing, editing and mastering this fetid mass of entrails.
Thanks to Gabriele Catania -Dr.Gabrielli- for being a monument of brutal death metal and a mentor.
Special thanks to Giulia Fiumara -caiorda- for the sick artwork and logo, loved them.
Thanks to:
Suffocation -my main source of inspiration-
Francesco Bauso
Valerio Cimino
Gabriele Briganti
Gianluca Cardillo
Federico Indelicato
For being great friends and sincere supporters from the beginning of it all.

Enough talk, go listen some death metal.



all rights reserved


Homicidal Raptus Italy

All rights reserved, Creative Commons license.

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Track Name: In the head of a murderer
Staring through the mirror I
see myself with demon's eyes
all i have to do is kill, now.
mother sings a lullaby
I will rape her with my knife
then i'll come to murder you.

Desecration of her womb.

Lurking in the shadow I'm
moving silently and hide
feeling all my excitation.
Will I kill you with my fists?
or I'm gonna rape you first?
gettin' horny with these thoughts.

Climbing to your bedrooms
once was home, now your worst nightmare.

Annihilation of the child.

Coming from the abyss
seeking flesh and corpses.
I will murder, I will slaughter.
I'll be taking all of your lives.

Pulling out the bowels from your daddy
stomping on the head of your mom.
There is no life without some violence.
This is a lesson son which you will better learn.

Now I'll hold your head and cut your throat.
Track Name: Aborted and Eaten
I daily make abortions
man of science I am.
Ending lives before they start
a pity of fresh meat waste.
Sometimes when I'm lonely
and no one can see me
i sneak into the morgues
and steal one of those babies.

I take their heads
and chop them with a meathook
then I let their corpses boil while
I gnaw their eyes.
I'm sure there is something sick
and wrong with me.
Psycho surgeon leave me be
Just in time for diner.

Formaline brains and radiations
life for a doctor is hard.
Cancer death and mutilations
maybe i've just fucked up my mind
all i can feel is just lust.

I make those abortions
they're my sons my creatures
and i'm gonna satisfy my hunger
women cannot get how precious
are thos unborn pieces
of delicious tender human flesh.
Track Name: Fistfucked
Today you'll discover
new meaning of pain.
My new toys of torture
ready to be used.

I will start with eyes
then I'll crush your teeth, yes i will
you'll be bleeding shit
and pray to your god.
Vomit out your fear
Satisfied I will (be)
and you know, in this basement I'll be your only love.
Stupid snobby slut,
I will shut you up, what the fuck
let's discover now if you like it hard.
I will make it right, just a matter of time
gotta wait, I'm just gonna use
these blades under your nails first.

But before to kill you I want you to see what i've reserved for you,
something special baby I'm sure you will scream out all your love.
Take a look at these gloves made with pieces of glass
that I'm wearing for you.
I'm just gonna teach you how bad is for you to mess with me.

Fistfucked: bleeding out from your ass.

I will cum all over your dead face.
Preparing tools of butchery.
Dismembering your rottin' body.
I'll use your head to make me blowjobs
and keep the rest for cooking in my fridge.
Track Name: Mountains of butchered bodies
It all began
Sometimes ago
just woke up and see the disaster.
World around me
a desert of pain
created by nuclear war.
All of our sins
lead us to go
into this cruel extinction.
Hunger to feed,
no meat to find,
cannibalism is the rule.

Survivors to kill
just to survive.
Nothing to respect,
except my life.

Deformity afflicts the newborn ones
some of them killed to be food.
Some of them grows up and slowly he turns
in a repugnant carnivorous beast.
I can't see nothing but grey painful skies,
civilization has ended up.
Somewhere I saw,
landscapes of death:
Mountains of butchered bodies.

Devoured by the madness
mankind has failed.
The point of no return
We've reached.
Breeding deformed fetuses
letting them die
the terminus of all
we've reached.

I've killed bunch of them,
now they run in my veins.
Killing childs and old ones,
now their souls are mine.

There are no gods to prey now
- fucked up the world -
I'll kill, rape and die to breed
Deformed mankind.
Track Name: With black wings it comes
In the crypts
of this church
tortured souls
claim their tribute.
Cosmic void
upon them
now their lord
with black wings comes.

Graceful lord
the great moth
blood hunger.
Our human
accept us
as your thugs.

Transformations of ourselves
drinking your pure blood.
Abandoning mortal life to join you as your ghouls.

Night is now by our side
we meet our destiny.
For ever proud of what we are
Inhuman and supreme.
Ascended to an higher role
our very souls are blessed.
Rabid ghouls from darkened graves
beware your skin and flesh.
Track Name: The inquisitor
Time for redemption has come
for you, to purify your sins.
Embrace god under my blades
kneel down to receive his glorious mark.
Piercing and ripping your flesh
scream now your love for the only one.
Fusing your eyes with fire
you don't need dirt eyes to see what you should not

Suffocate your mortal sins
under the pain of true worship.
I'll be your sheperd, your master
faith will come to you through torture.

Smite the wicked sinner with a cross
they don't deserve to live life in peace.
I will let their blood drip out of them
my faith, my tortures and my perversions.

Artist of the pain
through the hands of god.
Surgeon for the wicked
faith reborn in pain.

I am the ultimate judge,
keeper of the divine right.
Unfaithful shall always be
under my implements
blessed from